Grand Rapids Family Law

The term family law often focuses on families going through the challenging and life-changing process of divorce. However, family law also covers issues such as adoption, child custody, prenuptial agreements, alimony and emancipation. 


Because family law issues involve complicated and important family relationships, it is important to find an attorney you can trust to protect the rights of both you and your loved ones. It is always a good idea to consult a lawyer with major life changes such as these, in order to best protect your rights, as well as easing the stress of attempting to figure things out on your own.


Next to divorce, child custody ranks as one of the most emotionally heart wrenching family law issues. When fighting child custody battles, the stakes are high and the outcomes can be devastating for both the parents and the child or children involved. In Michigan, child custody laws are complex, constantly changing and often unfairly implemented. Successfully navigating the ins and out of child custody requires a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who knows the law, the system — and how to work within both to achieve your desired outcome.


Closely related to child custody, guardianship refers to the individual or individuals appointed with the responsibility for making legal decisions for another person, usually a child. In some cases, guardianship of another adult unable to care for themselves because of disability or age falls under this umbrella as well. This can also include appointing someone you trust to become legal guardian for your children if anything happens to you and your spouse. We can guide you through the responsibilities and financial obligations that come along with becoming a legal guardian, as well as navigating Michigan’s often confusing guardianship laws.


Name Changes are common for both adults and children for any number of reasons, including marriage, divorce, adoption or simply dissatisfaction with a birth name. Names are a core part of our identities, and we know how important this change is for many individuals. However, the legal process for a name change can sometimes feel complex and overwhelming. Counsel from an attorney who is familiar with the process can ensure the journey to a new name goes smoothly.


No matter what legal challenges you face, we combine current knowledge of ever-changing state laws with years of practical experience — in order to deliver the quickest and most beneficial solution for your case.


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