Grand Rapids Estate Planning

Do you still think that only the wealthy and those with valuable possessions need an estate plan? Estate plans help individuals and couples who care about how their children, family members and possessions are handled after they are gone — a group that hopefully includes most people. With a smart eye to the future, Elliott Law will create an estate plan that ensures your family and possessions remain well taken care of in your absence, according to your wishes.


While the thought of passing can be uncomfortable to think about and discuss, it is important to understand that many legal matters arise when someone passes. Having a will in place protects the best interests of your loved ones and avoids unnecessary complications. Who gets what? Who will take guardianship of young children? How will tax and financial matters be settled? Without an estate plan, remaining family members face time-consuming and expensive legal obstacles that can often be avoided.


Your estate describes the entirety of what you own, including any real estate, bank accounts, stocks, life insurance policies, vehicles or other valuable personal property. Regardless of your age or the complexity of your possessions, an estate plan organizes your assets in a way that protects the needs of your family. 


Laws governing estate plans remain complex and overwhelming to many. The experienced attorneys at Elliott Law will help walk you through each step of the process, while explaining all your options so that you can make informed decisions.


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