Grand Rapids Mediation

Many relationship disputes are so personal and emotion-driven that they require guidance from a rational, impartial third party to come to a successful resolution, through a process called mediation


A mediator facilitates discussion in an informal meeting, maintains a clear head and persists in finding a settlement with patience. An experienced mediator possesses strong negotiation, listening, and interpersonal skills, and ultimately looks to preserve the relationship between two parties with a mutually-beneficial decision.


When a dispute has been filed in court or possibly will be in the future, it can be wise to seek out a mediator who also is knowledgeable about legal matters. This way any agreements made through mediation can be worded and recorded properly, as well as providing a neutral evaluation of the case if both parties are open to it.


Mediation has many advantages to traditional ligation, which can often take months or even years to conclude, including a more timely resolution, the confidentiality of resolving a case privately, potentially lessened legal fees, and parties working together to reach a favorable resolution.


Our mediators assist individuals in coming to voluntary agreements, considering all options, clarifying the issues at hand, and reaching a workable settlement that meets everyone’s needs, all without going to court.


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